Buying a quality engagement ring can be quite an expensive purchase. For any couple, the announcement of their forth-coming marriage, is an event to be celebrated, for many, the giving of a ring from the man to the woman is seen as customary. Within many cultures, the rings that is given, are commonly Diamond engagement rings. These can differ in size, design and cost, dependant upon the quality of the diamonds used, and the intricacy with which the design has been manufactured.

The components of an engagement ring, such as the Diamond, the precious metal setting, and time to manufacture, all comprise to determine the overall purchase price, plus any profit margins incurred. In total, by the time you purchase your engagement ring from any shop, the total cost far exceeds the value of the parts used, and so, a ?1,000 diamond engagement ring may well, in reality, only contain a diamond whose value is but a fraction of the total cost. Using a credit card as a means of engagement ring financing will then add interest onto your purchase, increasing the total amount you will pay, far in excess of the value of the diamond engagement ring.

If you have saved for the opportunity to buy a diamond ring, you will not require any engagement ring financing, however, you will certainly still wish to receive value for money, and the highest quality obtainable for the price asked. Once again, buying engagement rings as a completed item of jewelery incurs the same costs and profit margins for the diamond wholesaler, designer and manufacturer, as well as the jeweler. Added together, these costs amount to a considerable amount, and once again have to be deducted from the purchase price of the diamond engagement ring, in order to assess it’s true value.

There is a better method of engagement ring financing, whether you have the full amount you wish to spend readily available, or just a portion, the best way to achieve value when considering any engagement ring financing is to purchase the Diamond you wish to buy separately. Loose Diamonds can be bought from many diamond wholesalers or high quality jewelers, and with a small amount of research, you can ensure that the money you spend on your selected diamond, is a true reflection of the stone’s value, and not an artificially inflated amount.

Buying the diamond separately as a means of engagement ring financing allows you the time, if needed, to save the remainder of the overall costs. These charges will consist of the price of the chosen precious metal used to make the ring and setting, together with the charge for manufacture. The overall total cost of purchasing a diamond ring of equal quality as a finished item, will always far exceed the total price you will pay by buying loose diamonds and having them set into items of jewelery for you.

Whether you are looking for the best quality diamonds for your money, or an alternative means of engagement ring financing, buying your diamonds from a diamond wholesaler will always ensure that the price you pay is proportionate to the value of the diamonds used.

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