Web design certainly is the first thing you need to think of when planning to build a website whether it is your own or for some clients. It is the foundation of every website. The truth is people nowadays are turning to the internet as the most helpful resource. Ranging from distinct topics, to the latest issue, up-to-date news, the biggest hits, product search, shopping and general information; the web has it all. But people want everything to be just one click away. The only problem is that many websites in the internet do not respond to what the people want.

Your website must be user-friendly, appealing, interesting, and most of all easy to navigate. It must fit a general audience or must be suitable to your targeted audience. So here are the best tips of creating an excellent web design that will surely help you to make big waves in the internet.


When we speak of content, one must think of the purpose why you need your own website. The content must have value and must be of good quality. It’s true that the first thing that captures the eyes of the visitor is the appearance of your website. But what weighs more is the content or the substance in it. Your visitors will keep coming back to your website if they found it very useful and informative. So if you are promoting products like cosmetics, your web design should also create a touch of beauty in order to blend with your content. You’d never place some horror designs to a website that promotes cosmetic products. Would you?

Do not provide distractions on your website

The reason why many people lack the interest to stay more than a minute in a certain website is because of its distractions. Distractions are those messages that suddenly pop up or animated pictures or cartoons, and some very loud or annoying sounds that startle the customers when loading websites. All of these things make you visitors irritated. How could one ever focus or perhaps focus on what they are looking for? Remember that the reason why people come to your website is because they need issues to be resolved or they look for something useful. So don’t make your website design a total time-consuming monster that misleads your visitor. People will be surely frustrated if they are thrown to various web-sites without finding what they are looking for. So the best thing to do is to make a web design that assists your visitors and helping them what they want. Give your customers enough room to navigate their way through so that they can experience the freedom of interesting navigation and exploration.

Choose a good background

A big no-no is using an image as your background. Have you ever visited Amazon’s site? Or perhaps visiting Google and Yahoo? I bet you already did. Have you seen what image they use for their background? You will see none because these high in traffic webweb sites are absolutely using high in quality backgrounds. Make your background professional, simple and cool to the eyes. It is one way of enticing your customers to stay longer as they scroll for successfully finding what they specifically needed.

Organize the tabs and buttons in your website

Creating a website is like creating a house. You need to think like an architect for Creating an Excellent Web design. You need to know where to put things properly and place them in a right position. Organize you buttons and tabs very well. Make sure that each of them will be easy for your visitors to find. Make them accessible. Your visitors will hugely appreciate if they find it easy to navigate your website.

Web design is never too difficult to work on if you already read these excellent tips. The fact is You need to think of the best web design for your site. If you want to get more traffic in the internet, make sure you follow these helpful tips. You are just one jump away in achieving this.


The author is a freelancer Web design and Development service specialist. He also works as consultant for a marketing agency.

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