The Enigma of Migraine Headaches and Why They Happen

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Chances are outstanding that you have had at least one headache in your lifetime. If it comes to pain, the widespread, ordinary headache doesn’t even start to compare to migraine headaches. I understand the severe pain of migaines because I used to be affected, terribly, from them during a young age. I don’t have them, but I can tell you they are enormously painful experiences. It is somewhat interesting that headaches, and specifically migraines, are not fully understood by the medical community. Everything is clouded and mystified by the fact that people do not feel headaches, and pain, all the exact same way. This is a hugely involved area, and it appears doctors have a long way to go before a clear picture comes out.

As you can envision, there has been a great deal of information gathered over the years. This sort of headache is sometimes known as a vascular headache. Evidently either very low as well as high temperatures may induce a migraine event. Deprivation of sleep or feeling really hungry can bring one of these agonizing headaches to the forefront. All this indicates that there are external causes for migraines in some people. Another culprit for a migraine can be extreme and chronic levels of stress.

The abnormally high level of pain from these headaches normally takes some time before being completely experienced, and that has caught the attention of research. That suggests certain significance to doctors but nothing particularly definitive. Every bit of knowledge can give some kind of clue. Some migraine sufferers appear to possess a genetic predisposition since there are migraines in the family tree. But since not everyone is in that category, then that directs doctors to examine ourside influences.

For women, there can be a relationship with hormone variations and migraines. There is a number of women who can have difficulties either right before or quickly after their monthly period cycle. In these circumstances, doctors are mindful of variations in estrogen levels. Then again, other significant hormonal shifts occur during pregnancy and menopause. A proportion of women will very likely have a greater frequency of migraine problems during these periods. There is an well-known practice called hormone replacement therapy which can generate more extreme migraines which is hard to imagine. An additional factor that really doesn’t help with comprehending is that just isn’t seen in every female who gets migraine headaches.

There are many other aspects involved that may bring about a migraine including sensory arousal such as loud sounds, particular odors, bright lights and an array of smells like perfumes and other different odors. Doctors are unable to determine the exact mechanism that leads to someone suffering from a migraine. Even more circumstances that lead to this can be a larger than usual amount of physical actions. So there is certainly still a long way to go before this disorder is figured out and successfully treated.

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