Harry Lorayne is known as the authority in the field of memory training, and he is the author of the excellent program known as “The Harry Lorayne Memory Power Course.” Harry Lorayne is considered “The Yoda of Memory Training” and quite a few of his books – many of which are now classics and bestsellers – were written specifically to help common people improve their memories. The effective methods from his complete memory program, that are considered his most effective, are included in this course which well be reviewing.

Harry Lorayne, without a doubt, is the person most qualified to train you in memory techniques. Not only did Harry Lorayne turn up twenty-three times on The Tonight Show, he was also an invitee on such shows as The Ed Sullivan Show, Good Morning America, and The Mike Douglas Show. His popularity began to boost in the 1950s as his demonstrations of his mnemonic memory techniques became increasingly popular and sought after. Among his training books, The Memory Book, was on the New York Times Bestseller list for almost a year. An additional natural talent of Mr. Lorayne is as a magician. He was famous for his card tricks and his extraordinary memory. He started performing in Billy Reeds Little Club as a table magician when he was just 18 years old. A good illustration of one of his amazing performances that exhibits his memory skills is when hundreds of audience members tell him their names and, when they are finished, he can repeat perfectly each persons name. Inside the Harry Lorayne Memory Power system, you will be able to learn some of the techniques used by the best known memory expert in the world.

There will be so much subject matter that is discussed in The Harry Lorayne Memory Power course. As you study the details, you will see your memory improving immensely. As a matter of fact, chances are youll be given a lot more material than you can ever hope to use – or need. The course includes four CDs or cassettes plus a bonus DVD and, considering how much information is included, the retail price of $149.95 is quite reasonable. It may not be useful for you to take the full course,because your needs are less. In that case, Harry Lorayne has written many books that can help you with your memory. The books can be found many places, on the internet and offline. Amazon has them and even offers used copies and different editions, including some for the Kindle. The total memory course, however, is definitely worth every penny for anyone whos serious about learning as much as possible about this fascinating topic.

Harry Lorayne coached a number of people and is also responsible for the training of corporate staff members, using his video course, “Memory Power” as part of that training program. Business managers, as well as businessmen and women, have long realized how important a good memory is, especially for someone engaged in sales. When you have the capability of always remembering a persons name – after meeting them only one time – it will greatly enhance your business success and popularity. When you include the ability to always remember the personal information about a person, such as their phone number and email address, or their spouses name or how many children they have, you really increase your chances for being successful in business. The simple truth is, almost everyone in business have iPads, SmartPhones, cell phones, and additional pieces of modern technology to help us keep track of everyone we deal with but, sometimes these “gadgets” are not available and we must rely on our “computer” – our brain.

In almost any area of your life that you are thinking about improving yourself, you will find books and information in the self-help section of your bookstore or online. Unfortunately, most of this information doesnt specifically deal with how to train your memory. Out of these, only a few were developed by internationally prominent experts on the level of Harry Lorayne. Perhaps not everyone needs a course like The Harry Lorayne Memory Power Course. Having said that, if you wish to give yourself a footing in business by easily remembering someones personal data, you will definitely benefit by purchasing this powerful course.

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