The world’s principal memory expert, Harry Lorayne, has compiled a training program called “The Harry Lorayne Memory Power Course.” Harry Lorayne has written numerous books on the topic of enhancing your memory and many of these have become classics and bestsellers. Through this review, we’ll be looking at a complete memory course that includes many of his most powerful techniques.

You could search long and hard, but you will not find anyone who has better skills for teaching you about memory than Harry Lorayne. A regular invitee on numerous tv shows, he appeared with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show twenty-three times. Actor Victor Jory, who came to Lorayne’s magic concerts, was instrumental in changing the way Lorayne performed. For a time, beginning in 1951, he enjoyed his own television show, and began appearing on national television in 1963. The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play, released with Jerry Lucas in 1986, enjoyed one year on the New York Times Bestseller list. He is additionally a proficient magician, primarily with card tricks, and has written many books on the subject. His very own tv program in 1951 was known as “The Professional Magic Show.” He’s given many amazing presentations, such as hearing the names of hundreds of audience participants and then being able to remember each one perfectly. In the Harry Lorayne Memory Power course, you can learn some of the techniques used by the best known memory expert in the world.

There is so much material that is discussed in The Harry Lorayne Memory Power course. When you study the details, you will see your memory improving immensely. Many folks who have reaped benefits from this training course were overwhelmed at the scope of the materials use – much more information than they needed. Precisely what will you obtain? The system is composed of four CDs (or cassettes) as well as a bonus DVD on Remembering Name. Also included are two add-ons, The Memory Makes Millionaires CD or cassette and the How to Remember Numbers DVD. The low cost of just $149.95 will make this amount of information a real bargain. It probably won’t be useful for you to take the full course,because your needs are less. If so, Harry Lorayne has created many books that can assist you with your memory. You could perhaps reduce your cost by finding an used copy of the book that you are interested in or, perhaps, the paperback version. On Amazon, you can even find some of his books for your Kindle. Even so, in order to become a memory specialist, and learn all you can, buying the complete course is a good bargain.

Harry Lorayne trained many individuals and is also responsible for the instruction of corporate staff members, using his video course, “Memory Power” as part of that training program. A very good memory is amongst the most important characteristics that a professional business person, or sales person, can have. Business leaders realized this and had their staffs trained for the best possible memory recall. One of the basic important abilities, especially in the field of sales, is to be able to remember someone’s name easily – and correctly – every time you meet them. Once you combine the ability to also remember the personal information about a person, such as their phone number and email address, or their spouse’s name or how many children they have, you really increase your chances for being successful in business. Men and women nowadays may think they can depend on technology to remember everything, but most of us still frequently find ourselves in situations where we don’t have a chance to write something down or type the info into our smart phones.

You’ll find so many self development courses out there, but not that many that focus specifically on memory. And even, whenever you do discover books and/or courses on training your memory, they have not been written or prepared by someone with the reputation and expertise of Harry Lorayne. You might not believe that this program is important to your business and life results, but you need to think about it seriously. It can really make your life a lot easier when you can recall someone’s name easily, or their phone number, and other facts about them that will not only make your life easier, but will make the other person more likely to remember YOU.

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