Once you get deep into selling and copywriting, then you will discover psychological selling is really learning about human nature in the selling environment. One thing you must realize, though, is that nothing is ever a given, and you should not ever assume too much if anything. Psychological selling is a huge area of study, but we can get you going in the right direction with a few excellent tips.

People like to buy products they can feel – something they can hear, touch, see, taste or smell. But this is important because it is all a part of evaluating a product and is still something millions of people do every day at physical stores. We imagine and guess there are some who refuse to buy online because they cannot do that. Some products such as eBooks or CDs are easier to sell online because there’s not much doubt about the physical quality. We do believe people like that are in the extreme minority because billions are spent each year online. Try to analyze how people shop for products in a store, and find out if you could give them the same kind of experience through your sales page. What you will discover about people, if you do not already know this, is they are generally uneasy about being the first to do something. One thing about the ‘old time’ direct response people is they figured this out a very long time ago. We look up to others to find our guidance, and that’s how it usually works. But it does not matter, and the only thing that does matter is how you can deal with this in your business. So, this is all leading up to the use of testimonials in your business. There are different forms of social proof, but the testimonial is the most valued and effective.

Of course any time a purchase is made it is done for some specific reason. But eventually it all comes down to wanting or desiring something which speaks of emotions. If your copy isn’t evoking the desire in your prospect then it’s obviously lacking somewhere.

If you are not totally committed to your product and write in a muddy fashion, then all of that will come through loud and clear with in your sales copy. Of course you need to provide some kind of proof that will back up what you are saying. You can skillfully apply the concepts of psychological selling once you firmly understand what they are and also know your market.

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