Writing persuasive ad copy depends on your understanding what you want your target market to do. Lots of things go into making advertising copy successful so that you can get lots of return on your initial investment. But before you actually get into injecting persuasion into your ad copywriting, you should understand what persuasion is all about. If you think persuasion is as simple as pushing someone to do what you want them to do, you are mistaken, it involves so much more than that. If you want to succeed you need to think of each piece of copy that you compose as a personal salesperson who is going to get you a sale by persuading a prospective buyer.

A great way to have better and more persuasive ad copy is to publish any test results you have for your product within your ad copy. This is going to help you be a lot more convincing and persuasive because it proves how well your product holds up under harsh tests to the people reading your copy. You can show tests proving your product’s safety, quality, durability, etc. Pretty much anything that you think will make your ad more convincing to the reader should be included. Test results are very important because they prove to the readers that there are concrete reasons to believe in the product. You should make sure that your website actually lives up to the copy you’ve created for it because when you want to be persuasive the whole package is important. You should try and have your site professionally done with the right kind of graphics to go with. This does make a difference in the long run as the people that come across your ad copy will also see how good the page is where it’s listed. So make sure that your elements of persuasion don’t just shine through your copy but around it as well. This will definitely help you increase your conversion rate and get better response from your ad copy.

It is important to talk about the features of your product in the copy you write for it but you also need to follow up those mentions with the benefits that your prospect can get from them.

Don’t make the mistake of listing only the features of your product because nobody cares about them; people want to know what they get out of these features. It truly does not matter how incredible your offer is or how many problems it will solve, you need to prove to your readers what your product will do for them by listing out the benefits along with all of the individual features.

Quite a lot will go into ad copy and making it truly persuasive and the things we’ve talked about here are a really good starting place. The only thing that you have to remember, though, is making sure that your copy stays focused so that it won’t wander away from what you really want it to do.

Even when your ad copy is written well if it isn’t persuasive enough you won’t get any conversions. If you are new to the world of persuasive ad copy that is going to be really obvious and it is going to take you some time before you can really get the gist of these concepts and truly apply them. Nevertheless, keep pushing until you get what you want.

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