How the Virtual Private Server stacks up against Shared and Dedicated Hosting, and Why It’s the Best Thing for You, Your Business, and Your Customers

How the Virtual Private Server stacks up against Shared and Dedicated Hosting, and Why It’s the Best Thing for You, Your Business, and Your Customers
Imagine you’re picking the best way to host your website. It’s similar to how you might pick out the best form of schooling for your child. You want your child to get the best education, to have the space to grow, and to do it all for the best price. There are essentially two options everyone in your neighborhood is doing: public school and home school. You can send him to the overcrowded public school down the street, which is practically free, but also means there isn’t a lot of space for your child to learn, and the teacher isn’t always focusing on your child. Home schooling, the other option, means your child will get a lot of personal attention and space to grow, but it also is the most expensive because you can no longer go to work and, let’s face it, you may not be the most qualified to do this. However, recently a third option has emerged, sort of a middleman for the other two, which is sending your child to a private school. The classrooms are small, the potential to learn is great, and every child gets the attention he or she deserves. It might cost a little, but considering the attention, performance capability, and general effectiveness, it’s clearly the best investment.
It’s the same theory behind the recent popularity of virtual private servers, or VPS’s. In the past, overcrowded shared hosting and costly dedicated hosting seemed to be the only two options. The VPS, however, operates much like the private school metaphor. If you participate in shared web hosting, you are saving your money but operating on the same system as hundreds of other websites, which puts an extensive limit on the bandwidth and RAM available. The dedicated hosting system is the most expensive, and though it’s the most secure and gives the most space, it might have technical issues that you’ll be left to deal with. For $50-$250 a month (depending on the company), a good VPS guarantees that your website and a small number of other websites will be hosted on a very high powered operating system, where information is kept private and whatever you’re hosting is guaranteed a certain amount of bandwidth. Each of the few VPS’s are allocated a piece of the physical server, where more space and ram can be given if needed without taking away from anyone else in the system. In the same way, the physical server is guaranteed to be a high functioning operating system that is often fixed in an hour or two if there is a problem. It’s come to be known as “cloud” technology; customers will operate their need on a virtual database that functions as a standalone system with the guarantee of security and functionality, though everything is stored on a virtual machine. Each server can run its own system, can be turned on and off, and can function without having to worry about the activities of the other parties.
Virtual private servers have become a great avenue for small and medium sized businesses looking to establish a presence in the virtual world as well as expanding. Websites hosted on VPS’s rarely crash, can hold a lot of bandwidth and RAM, and don’t need anyone monitoring large, worn out operating systems to ensure a working system. It is a wise idea to have someone tech savvy in your company to make sure that your VPS can be managed and set up, but any good hosting company is usually helpful and attentive to such needs. The success of the VPS model has become more apparent over time, as companies like Amazon, Apple and Windows have offered “cloud” storage options on a lot of their products to store data in the virtual system. It’s a relief to know that your website can be run successfully without having to choose between two unreliable options, and it’s the right choice to make sure your website is secure, your customers are happy, and you are optimizing your growth while saving money.

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