Strength training routines involves the techniques of working out step by step, heavy resistance with the sole aim of giving strength to the muscular and skeletal system. This process of training is also called as weight lifting or weight training, body sculpting, body building, toning and resistance training.

Advantages of strength training

The prime and foremost benefit of strength training routines is that it helps in increasing the size as well as the strength of the fibers of the muscles. It also aids in strengthening the ligaments, tendons and the bones. These have a good impact on your health. You remain physically fit and also possess a good metabolism. This also reduces the risk of muscle and joint pain. Weight loss and maintaining of good weight is also achieved by doing these exercises. Regular muscle training prevents loss of size of the muscles and their strength.

Principles of strength training

There are four principles an individual needs to follow while involving in this exercising schedule. The first is the tension principle. It is believed that prime way to gain strength is by creating tension within the muscles. This can be done by using weights like dumbbells, strength training machines, and resistance bands or by simply using the body weight.

The second principle is the overload principle. An individuals muscle should be made to work harder to make it strong and also to adapt itself to the stress imposed on it. To increase the strength of your muscles, you must increase the tension and allow your muscles to get adapted to a new successive level. This overloading will help the muscles grow in dimension and also in power.

The specificity of training is the third principle. According to this principle, only the muscle groups that an individual works upon will be benefitted from the training and not the muscles of the entire body.

The detraining principle forms the fourth principle. Individuals often stop this training after a period of time. This results in weakening of the muscles that had become strong due to the exercising. This is the reason why the muscles of many people tend to become weak as they age.

How much training does one requires

An individual should decide on training each muscle group in his body at least twice a week. If someone has more time, he can do it for three times a week. The power of the training will depend on the person. One have to undergo a process of trial and error to understand which exercises makes them exhausted and they should follow those. These help their muscles to become strong and adapt to new levels of stress.


For beginners, consulting a doctor before getting themselves involved in this exercising regime is a good idea.

Warming up before the exercise and cooling down after the exercise is a must for all individuals.

An individual should consume water in large quantities to keep himself hydrated both before and after the workout.

Strength training routines are therefore very helpful for individuals who aim to make their muscles strong and capable of adjusting to any amount of stress. These tips are therefore not only helpful for the experienced individuals but also for the amateurs who want to start making their muscles strong.

strength training workouts

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