If you are looking for a perfect gift for your valentine, then there is nothing more romantic and appropriate than a three stone diamond ring. The ring you purchase will be a lifetime representation of your feelings, the feelings that you will always have for your loved one. Three stone diamond rings are the perfect symbol of love and by presenting three stone diamond rings on your proposal day you will make your day more special and memorable.

As the name suggests there are three stones in the ring which represents past, present and future of your relationship. One stone symbolizes the couples past together, and the beautiful moments which they have shared. The second stone symbolizes where they are now, the landmark they have reached together after their journey. And the third stone solidifies their loyalty to continue their journey together for the rest of their lives. These rings are symbol of love, affection and emotions. This significance is what has made this one of the most popular rings of our time.

Usually, the middle stone is larger than the other two side stones. The reason why the middle stone is larger is because it symbolizes the importance of your current love for each other. The three stones are also representative of your lifetime together and may be referred to as an eternity ring. The ring symbolizes how timeless your relationship to each other will always be. No matter what the occasion is, this type of ring will always be a timeless piece of beauty.

Three stone diamond rings are unique creations and are readily available in the market. These rings generally come with round, princess and oval diamonds and are regarded as the perfect choice in engagement rings. Some of these rings are designed only with diamonds, whereas some others are made with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

Before purchasing your three stone diamond engagement ring you must keep the 4C’S in mind. It is very essential to have the knowledge of the 4C’S .These are the most important factors which you must never miss before buying your diamond ring. You must also make sure that the jewelry store from where you are buying your ring must be reputed and popular. By purchasing your ring from the reputed store you will be fully assured of the quality.

No matter what the occasion is, this type of ring will always be a timeless piece of beauty .So if you really want to make your relationship stronger then three stone diamond rings are the perfect gift for your love.

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