Lifestyles nowadays are more hectic than they were just twenty years ago and, therefore, it is even more vital that we learn efficient time management techniques. Regardless of whether youre a busy housewife, college student, or the CEO of a big corporation, you have to wade through tons of data each day. The main objective of this report is to help you better control your time – whether at home or at work – by offering you useful tips to help you.

Have you actually examined how you spend your time before you start moaning that you never can get everything finished? If you are truthful, and observant, you will find areas where you are wasting your precious minutes. Nonetheless, were not saying that you become a workaholic, or hardly ever stop for a breath of fresh air. Youd be astonished, however, if you counted up the minutes that get wasted online – looking for a new chicken recipe – or chatting with friends, or even spending more time in the break room at work than we ought to. What little habits do you have that waste a minute or two every now and again throughout your day? Everyone has these little time wasters. For example, do you keep your Instant Messaging program open in your task bar and it beeps when somebody sends you a message? Do you stop what youre doing to read and answer the message? A better solution would be to keep it switched off until you have a block of time for messaging.

Its been proven time and again that the most productive way to manage your time is to prioritize the tasks you have to accomplish each day. Make sure you get urgent tasks done before spending time on activities that are not vitally important. And also, to take this a step further, try and get whatever you dread doing, or dont like to do, completed in the morning so its out of your hair. This accomplishes two things: you arent going to be spending time all day dreading the task that still needs to be done and, the task will actually get done in a timely manner and crossed off your list! Concentration is another vital skill that you must develop, especially when doing your crucial tasks. Dont let your mind, or your attention, take off while working. About a hundred years ago, an industrialist – Charles Schwab – asked an efficiency expert, Ivy Lee, for a few time management tips for his corporate staff. After advising the staff, Mr. Lee told Mr. Schwab that after one month, if he was delighted, he could pay him whatever he thought his advice was worth. A month later, Mr. Schwab sent Mr. Lee a check for $25,000.00 (about $300,000.00 today) as he was so happy about the results of Mr. Lees tip. What was that tip: at the end of each day make a list of the top items you have to accomplish the next day and put them in the order of their importance. In the morning, start with the first job on the list and work on it until its done. Then, cross it off the list and start on #2. Its that simple.

Many people have problems assigning work to others, and the idea of outsourcing scares them to death. However, both of these tactics can save you a lot of time. In essence, if you grumble about the lack of time you have to get your work accomplished, reevaluate your attitude on delegation and outsourcing. Many people who run out of time never share their workload with others. While its true that a few tasks cant be done by another person, you could very easily assign some of the lesser tasks, or routine tasks, to someone else to take care of for you. You can easily find people to help you among your family and friends, by checking out local bulletin boards or chat rooms, or asking a worker for help with some of your jobs. So, at night, as you put together your list for the following day, have a look at each item and see if all, or part, of each task can be delegated to someone else. Reasonably, many of the most crucial tasks will have to be handled by you personally. Nonetheless, you will have more time to spend on these crucial items if you can outsource or delegate some of the more boring tasks on your list.

The above time management tips can help you feel less pressured daily and allow you to get more accomplished. Although all of us have the same amount of time each day, you always have many options on how to make use of your time. One secret to learning how to manage your time much better is to take note of how you use your time in the present. As soon as youve recognized your patterns and habits – negative and positive – you can knowingly choose which ones to keep, which ones to alter, and which ones to get rid of.

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