In order to understand how California lemon law operates, take an example of a customer who goes to buy a car.

In order to understand how California lemon law operates, take an example of a customer who goes to buy a car. The car comes with a warranty. As the vehicle leaves a dealer’s yard, the customer is anxious to drive the vehicle off to years of trouble free service. However, the new car may have some defects which the manufacturer failed to take care of. California state lemon law can be invoked in such a circumstance if a warranty does not protect a consumer.

The aggrieved consumer can hire a California lemon law attorney to pursue legal recourse. The California lemon law has its origin in the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act of 1975. The purpose of this Act is to ensure that consumers get to know about the provisions of product warranties. A consumer is also allowed to compare different warranties before buying any product. California lemon law covers anyone who resides or makes a purchase from the state of California.

In the case of motor vehicles, California lemon law comes into play where a vehicle has a defect whose impact may make the use of the vehicle unsafe. Resellers are not covered by this law. Factory machines and farm machinery are not covered. In case of a dispute, the California law attorney will have to prove that the vehicle was in use as a personal car and the owner took good care of it.

To file a case, any California law attorney will have to do so within the stipulated timeframe. Normally this is pegged at 18 months from when a vehicle was purchased. As you move to other states, this may change. There is a limitation of making claims against the manufacturer. Under California lemon law, it must be filed 4 years after purchasing the vehicle. If the buyer does not claim within this time, the right to seek compensation lapses.

However, CA lemon law does not cover neglect of vehicles, or those that have been taken for unauthorized repairs. Before the aggrieved party rushes to hire a California law attorney, both the buyer and seller must make efforts to resolve the problem outside court. The buyer should notify a dealer in case a defect is noticed. The dealer should be given an opportunity to fix it. In case this is not done, a buyer can then sue on the strength of California lemon law.

Calif lemon law allows a seller the benefit of making several attempts to repair such a vehicle. If repair work does not eliminate the problem, the dealer should replace or buy back the vehicle. If the parties do not “reasonably” solve the problem, California lemon law is invoked. Motor vehicle warranties outline steps that can be followed in resolving disputes. Where legal action is deemed fit, the buyer can contact a California lemon law attorney who will give guidance on filing the claim.

The California lemon law is therefore important in the protection of consumer rights. In case an amicable solution is not forthcoming, a buyer is at liberty to hire a California lemon attorney.


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