Videoconferencing – The Smart Alternative To Business Travel

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Have you ever found yourself on a plane thinking that your life would be so much easier if you didnt have to travel so much? Do you remember the times when you were super excited about getting on a plane and going to interesting places? Now it seems like every other day you are away from home, having to pack your things at 5 oclock in the morning, knowing that you wont be home again until just before midnight the next day.

Sadly, when you travel for work it is not much fun: its just work. No hotel room is better than your own sitting room and no meal tastes better than your home made meals.

Its true. Frequent business travel can be utterly exhausting. Hours of lost sleep combined with tight travel schedules and the stress of business appointments can reduce peoples performance or even cause health problems.

So, is there any way to get people together in real time in a way that allows them to communicate naturally, share information and solve problems without having to travel?

The answer is simple; use a room with video conferencing facility. It is fast, saves a considerable amount of time and money, and is relatively simple to use. You just drive to a nearby video conferencing venue to virtually meet with colleagues or customers from around the world. This means that you dont have to wait until the next face-to-face meeting to decide, act and resolve.

No matter what the purpose of your meeting, you can use video conferencing facilities for a variety of meetings, including sales meetings, training courses, business meetings or seminars. You can share information with different people in your organisation in the form of presentations, irrespective of the locations of your colleagues. Moreover, the video conferencing can be recorded for future playback options in case you require repeated presentations on the same topic for different people.

Video conferencing can not replace completely the need for business travel. There will always be those critical meetings when you will travel across the world to impress and develop real relationships with business associates and customers. You sometimes need to experience your business partners world in order to understand their needs and only face to face interaction can create that intimacy necessary to build trust and lead to something great. So yes, youll go across the world to develop real relationships, but then you can nurture them through virtual meetings rather than frequent trips.

Thus, its not a matter of having a preference towards video conferencing, really. It is about looking at the broad range of business trips needs and deciding which ones can be met by virtual meetings. You will see that once you start experiencing the benefits of using video conferencing facilities, virtual meetings will become more and more predominant in your meetings calendar.

So yes, you can choose to travel mostly for pleasure, vacations or meeting family and fly only for those critical meetings that simply require your charming presence to close the deal with your important business partner. Then the thought of packing your bags at five oclock in the morning will probably bring the long lost excitement back.

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