If you ask any Internet Marketer online they’re going to inform you that the most challenging thing for them to do is get traffic to their sites. Something which may surprise you is the fact that the majority of people who get started in Internet Marketing and advertising wind up failing as a result of a lack of traffic. There’s one traffic producing technique that of many people have been using for quite some time and they have had good success with this method. What we are discussing here is viral advertising and marketing and there are many different methods to go about using this technique. In the following paragraphs we’re going to give you an example of how to use viral advertising to be able to drive traffic to your money pages.

If you’re looking to get started with viral marketing and advertising you are going to discover that you are going to want to write an E book based around the topic of your site. Should you be marketing weight loss products, all you will need to do is generate an E book with some suggestions on how to lose some weight. By placing website links or affiliate links throughout this guide, you will be able to begin generating traffic right from the E book that you are going to be giving away. You can just get an affiliate link for a weight loss program and included it in your E book and as an excellent resource for shedding weight. Actually, by filling your E book with various affiliate links, you will wind up having multiple programs that you are advertising that you could make money from.

Once you have produced your E book you simply begin giving it away to as many folks as you can as well as let those people know that they can give it away to anyone they would like to as well. Now comes the tricky part of getting this out to the public, and one technique that individuals use to accomplish this is to simply build a web page with the download link for that book. Your main goal is to get this into the hands of somebody who may have a huge e-mail list which is based upon that niche your E book is in. As increasingly more people begin giving this E book away to men and women they know, you will see that in no time at all this simple E book could wind up in the hands of millions.

You may also want to give some thought to making this a re-brandable E book, as this will give people an incentive to give it away simply because they are able to actually make money with it. You do this by allowing these individuals to replace a number of the links in the E book with their own affiliate links. You must keep in mind that you will need to make cash off of this also, so it is really important that some of your links remain intact as they give it away to other people. Because you are going to be giving these people the opportunity to make cash, they’re going to be more than happy to pass on this E book to as many people as they are able to.

This is just one of the ways that viral marketing can work for you in order to get you more traffic and income. For individuals who would like to learn some of the other ways that viral marketing and advertising can work, you’ll be able to find information in the search engines.

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