One of the biggest steps you can make in your career is taking up your first managerial post and all the tasks that accompany that. You will need to be ready and have your time arranged to meet unforeseen events. You might already have a number of time management capabilities that you have learned through years of working experience. The most effective management style is the one that combines superior management skills with superior time management skills so as to maximize accomplishments. In this article we are going to take a look at a few of the time management skills youre going to need as a manager.

A major change youll need to get accustomed to as a manager is that you are no longer someone who actually performs the work because your job is to supervise and make certain standards are met. As you know, your role is to manage the delegation that has been passed out by executives to get the most from the time of each of those working under you. Possibly the most difficult part of time management for management is not living by the mantra of doing yourself what you want done properly. You need to either trust the people below you or make sure theyre in a working environment you trust so that they can perform the work and you can do the empowering.

It really is obvious to say that you should have a to do list but this is something you will need and will help you plan your days effectively. It is not sufficient to simply create a list, but you have to think very carefully. Ensure your tasks are arranged in order by priority, but not without noting the deadlines that were set for the completion of each. This list may be evaluated at the end of each day and you can then start to plan for the next day which will help you in managing your time.

There is no way you can evade paperwork, but how you manage your paperwork will to a great extent influence your management success. Ideally, only the one task youre currently working on needs to ever be on your desk, with others filed away between use. Having a personal assistant for filing can be very good for management. The ability to concentrate on one thing at one time is a way to make certain you are getting the most out of your day. Any time things go awry, you have to be able to choose what to address quickly and what can wait for your current task to be completed. You have to have a way to make sure that those things that are urgent, but not emergencies, can be booked to be dealt with in a prioritized manner.

As a manager, time management is crucial if youre going to work properly and with the right discipline and planning, you can actually get the most out of your hours at work.

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