Did you know that car donations provide many charities the funding it takes to do great deeds for your community? Many people didn’t! The truth is, people who donate cars provide charities with the ability to provide research for disease, feed and shelter the homeless, provide humanitarian aid around the world and more! So, are you wondering how they do it? How non for profit companies turn seemingly irreparable automobile donations into such a miracle for so many? Well, here is the answer!

When Americans donate an automobile, junk vehicle or running automobile, that automobile will be towed to the car donation charity. This is where the car donation will undergo a vigorous analysis to find out the potential value of the donation. At this point, the car will either be determined “Worthy of being fixed” or “Non-worthy of being fixed”.

If the automobile donation is worthy of being fixed, the vehicle donation charity will do what it takes to fix the automobile and prepare it for sale. They may do engine or cosmetic work or even both to ensure that the vehicle donation sells for the highest potential amount. Once the car donation is running well and aesthetically pleasing, it will be either sold on an used automobile lot or at an auction.

If the automobile donation is not worthy of being fixed, it still makes it to the shop. This is because in any junk vehicle, there are working parts, non-working parts with metal content and metal in the frame that holds it all together. All of this will be taken out of the automobile. Each piece when sold, will provide a valuable donation to charity. Once the car has been stripped of any piece, part or nut that is valuable it will be disposed of and the parts stripped will be sold.

At the end of both of these processes, the result is the sale of all or a portion of the car donation to provide funds for charity. The process of selling parts and cars can be different for each vehicle donation company but, usually is researched to provide the highest amount of proceeds for the charity. Once the automobile and all parts are sold, the cost of processing the car donation is deducted from the proceeds. This cost can include towing the automobile to the vehicle donation facility, stripping the car donation of all valuable parts, selling the parts or entire vehicle, ect… What is left will be given to the charity that the consumers choose when they make the decision to donate their car to charity.

When it comes to benefits to the consumer. There are a few. First off, when Americans donate their junk car, they get the instant gratification of knowing that they have helped their communities and provided much needed funding for non for profits that work in them. There is in the long run also a tax deduction. If the automobile donation generates proceeds below $500, the donating Americans will be provided with a $500 tax deduction. However, if the vehicle donation generates proceeds in excess of $500, Americans will receive a tax deduction equal to the amount generated!

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