What Not to Eat When you’ve got an Active Bladder

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Do you suffer from an overactive bladder? Do you find yourself frequently getting up for trips to the bathroom? Have you experimented with every little thing you can think of to stop those frequent trips into the restroom at work? Most people are convinced any sort of bladder activity comes about because of just how much liquid we take in. This is usually why so many people nearly dehydrate themselves in an effort to keep from having to visit the bathroom too often.

Would you believe that it can also be the solid foods that you eat that can give rise to your “pee breaks” during the day? The simple fact is that a “number one” potty break is just another way for your body to rid itself of waste. That waste material is built up from both solid and liquid sources. Your waste is made up equally of liquid as well as solid elements, the forms they take when you take in your food isn’t important.

While Vitamin C is vital for fighting off infections, it has been confirmed that citrus fruits can bother the bladder. Citrus fruits are principally crafted from acid and that’s why you should stay away from consuming them both as solid fruits or as juice. Oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits as well as limes, particularly are significant culprits of this as is pineapple even though it is technically not a citrus fruit. To acquire your Vitamin C serving daily, eat fruits like apples, pears, bananas and berries.

Try to not cry over this too much but for those who have an overactive bladder, you ought to stay away from eating too much chocolate. Chocolate has caffeine. Your bladder doesn’t enjoy it when you eat caffeine and will reward you for this intake with lots of trips to the bathroom. This is just as true for caffeinated beverages. If you have been making a lot of excursions to the restroom you’ll want to stay away from all forms of caffeine. Instead, learn to like dark chocolate along with decaf coffee (or soda).

Particularly spicy meals, like caffeine, can be very irritating to the bladder. This will probably be hard for people who are fans of spicy foods but if you want to stay out of the bathroom you need to avoid foods that contain high levels of spiciness like wasabi sauce, super spicy nachos, etc. If the food makes your nose and eyes run it is going to make other aspects of your body run as well. The fix is straightforward: choose foods that aren’t as spicy–this way you will get similar good tastes without irritating your bladder.

We usually think that if it’s liquid when it comes out it should have been liquid when it went in. This is totally false. The waste that comes out of our bodies is just the remaining parts of what we have consumed that cannot be used or stored so it is excreted in whatever manner is the most convenient.

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