Youth with a Mission is a ministry that brings together youth from different churches with the main goal being to know God, and make Him known.

Youth with a Mission is a ministry that brings together youth from different churches with the main goal being to know God, and make Him known. This is the great commission that Jesus gave us when He was leaving that we should go out into the whole world for the sole purpose of discipleship. To make disciples means to train people in the ways of God. To be able to go into the world and carry out this commission it is essential that people be equipped in the Word of God. This is the reason why Youth with a Mission started the Discipleship Training Program.

The Discipleship Training Program is a short intensive course that lasts for nine months and would be a great experience for anyone who intends to go out into the mission field, and win souls for Christ. The training does not just offer theoretical biblical lessons but also practical lessons in urban ministry. Here you learn how to grow in your relationship with God, and how to impact the city, nation and eventually the world with the Gospel. Discipleship Training Program understands that to be able to win souls for Christ you have to be rooted in the Word, and be able to apply it in your day to day life.

Youth With a Mission through this program seek to ensure that an individual grows in their relationship with God. This is the core of the Christian faith that followers grow in the knowledge of God every day. This growth in the knowledge of God will result in us walking as Jesus did because that is what we are expected to do here on earth. In addition, the Discipleship Training Program assists the trainees to discover their God-given talents or gifts. They also help them discover how to use these gifts in the body of Christ and in the mission field. For example, if someone is an excellent musician or photographer, the Discipleship Training Program will teach an individual how to use these gifts to further the gospel, and worship God. Youth with a Mission endeavors to further the concept that God has blessed us in order to be a blessing to others. Being a blessing to others can only happen if we know the needs of the society that is around us and making up our minds to not accept the status quo but rather change things.

It is the love of God that transforms the hearts of people, and makes us better people. It is only through this love that we can empathize with the people around us and want to change the society. Youth with a Mission focus on teaching people about this love of God, and its effect on our day to day lives. There are a lot of people in need of transformation in our city and the world. The training offered is both biblical and relevant. Spiritual growth is the main focus of this Discipleship training program because when there is spiritual growth, the other parts of our lives will follow suit.

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