Many home owners want to sit in the garden, flame up the barbecue, invite friends over, sit outside and watch the game-make it a family and friends night out.

Many home owners want to sit in the garden, flame up the barbecue, invite friends over, sit outside and watch the game-make it a family and friends night out. This was never really an object in practicality, as many TV screens got vandalized, stolen and beat down by harsh weather. Fortunately for home owners, the solution is only a phone call away! With the New LCD enclosures or TV screen protectors, for that matter, what seemed like a perennial impossibility, is now possible. You can now prop your digital signage anywhere you please.
What would be more breathtaking than an LCD on top of your garage door? I know, it sounds far fetched. Well, not anymore! Why?
 The new brand of LCD enclosures now gives you the luxury of putting your LCD screen anywhere-literally!-except flagpoles, and on your neighbor’s fence-of course. Sealed tight, and resistant to harsh weather, these LCD enclosures leave nothing to the imagination!
 With a typically wide range of placement options, these enclosures and protectors are built for the outdoors, and are now a common feature in schools, factory floors, hospital waiting rooms and essentially, many public areas. So, if you have a great outdoor location for your new 60” plasma, and you have been busting your brain trying to figure out how to prevent it from getting vandalized, damaged or stolen-fret no more. LCD enclosures help protect your digital signage from all sorts of damaging effects, so you can sleep easy.
 You are dying to put this theory to the test; as you should. As mentioned, TV screen protectors allow you to put your digital signage in places you couldn’t possibly imagine, places that you thought trying, would be nothing short of a long shot. You will be pleasantly surprised to note that LCD enclosures will do more than what you anticipated, and ultimately prove to you that they do, exactly what they say they do, and more!
 LCD enclosures are locked airtight. This gives you high value security and the resultant peace of mind. This, knowing your digital signage is protected from harsh weather, theft and most of the possibly damaging effects of the great outdoors. Worthy of note is the fact that these enclosures have been tested under harsh industrial environments, high temperatures, electrical surges and general damage caused by dust particles and the like. The performance was far beyond satisfactory.
 For commercial or personal applications, these LCD enclosures are a lesson in flexibility, giving you a variety of options in practicality. They accommodate a wide range of screen sizes, from 24” to 70”, offering strength in durability, and an equal aesthetic appeal. Outdoor LCD displays are moving out of shops like hot cake. This is attributed to the periodic decrease in prices, now shaping the market. This fact is perhaps what has necessitated the influx of LCD enclosure and TV screen protector demand.

Many people have discovered the significant amount of money you save on repairs and maintenance, courtesy of these high value enclosures. LCD enclosures and TV screen protectors are the solution you have been looking for.

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