No more wasting time at the gym getting little to no results, not if you start hitting the gym with HyperGH 14x! Listen up, because I’ve got a question for you. What’s the leading cause of death for American men today? It’s heart disease, which in 2006, was responsible for just over a quarter of all deaths of men in the USA. You know all about the risks of heart disease correct? Being overweight is an obvious one; however stress is also a leading contributor to heart disease. Not to mention the other obvious one, smoking, It really doesn’t matter how good of shape you believe you’re already in, regular exercise is still important. Any thing’s good, so long as we get at least 30 minutes a workout, and preferably five times a week.Of course, most dudes are into the free weights routine rather than doing cardio, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just try and make sure that you get your heart rate up.

Now lets jump right in and cover some of the best exercises for your own personal health and wellness. We’ll also talk about the best supplements to take when hitting the gym. So, what is the best supplement to take? News flash: it isn’t steriods! It’s HyperGH 14x, and though it’s not steriods, the results would lead you to believe otherwise. We’ll get to that soon enough.

Take It To The Core

Don’t make the mistake of just focusing on builing huge bicepts, work the core first. The core and torso are one, they run from right under your neck, to just above your thighs. Your arms aren’t going anywhere, you can blast them later. The core is where it all begins, without it, no results. In reality, that just made your workout routine much simpler.Thanks to the core muscles you have balance. When you do core workouts, you’re adding many advantages that will assist you as you age, such as denser bones, and a good balance.Thank about it for a second; a third of men in America die due to an injury that was unintentional, and is why we say begin with the core. If you execute these workouts, you will be on the fast track to core power.


This one is probably the appropriate one that you can do. If you do one exercise all week, do deadlifts.Don’t try and go to heavy, build up the strength first, as you can easily hurt yourself with this one. Since this exercise is so tough, your spine can be messed up if you perform it with bad form. Don’t arch your back with deadlifts – position your back inwards, and your tush out.Use a barbell, and an over under hand grip for best resutls. Keep your feet abour shoulder-width apart. Now blast out a rep by pushing down hard with the leg muscles, and lifting up with the bar. With a nice smoth and controlled lift, rememberiing to keep a proper stance, back in, butt out. Mark that one down as one rep.


Another great full body routine, squats thicken the spine and work those core muscles that develop physical power and balance. I would explain that this would be ranked as the second most important exercise to do.Squats are also a tough exercise, so remeber to use good form.Put a barbell on your neck. You don’t want to injur your spine, so yous the same lifting posture as you did with the deadlift. Now lower your body to about a 90 degree angle with the knees. Now pushing hard with the knees and leg muscles stand back to the vertical postion.If you don’t feel cofortable using a barbell on your shoulders, then try using a set of dumb bells.

Bench Press

All right gentlemen, you’re at the summit of resistance workouts.Currently the recornd of bench press is over a thousand pounds.Put your feet on the floor, and your back flat on the bench. Place your hands just outside shoulder-width apart. Raise the bar off the frame, and carefully lower the weight to just above your belly button. Abstain from bouncing the bar off of your body in an attempt to build upward momentum. Push with force, and raise it back to the starting position.

Never attempt heavy weight without the use of a spotter. Keep the bench press in your act, and you’ll be greatful you did. Do it often, for upper body strength and a great chest.Use HyperGH 14x to smash through any stumbling blocks in terms of results.This supplement is really something awesome, and will have people thinking that you’re using steroids. Steroids can have many bad side effects like risk of impotence, stroke, uncontrollable mood swings, acne and more.

Start looking and feeling younger today with HyperGH 14x, an all natural way to gain more muscel, slow the aging process, and revitalize your energy level.

If you’re serious about taking your fitness to the next level, while slowing down the aging process and getting fast results like never before, then I highly recommend that you look at HyperGH 14X right now! And read a HyperGH 14X Review today!

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