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Saving Money in the Summer

March 15, 2012 | Posted in Home & Family/Interior Design

While we may not be as green as Leonardo DiCaprio, there are simple low-tech steps we can take to decrease our carbon footprint and save money at the same time. It seems going green is all the rage these days, especially when the Nickelodeon Network’s “Kid’s Choice Awards” recognized actor Leonardo DiCaprio in 2010 for …

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Three Things You Should Know Before Signing a Lease

February 2, 2012 | Posted in Business

As a successful business owner, you’re enthusiastic about your work and business. But when you find the perfect new office space, it is wise to curb your enthusiasm before rushing into signing a new lease as the long term consequences of a lease can be costly. Here are some things to consider before signing a …

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Tips on Using Mapquest

February 1, 2012 | Posted in Travel & Leisure/Outdoors

MapQuest is like an online map site on which you can quickly and easily type in an address to find a location, anywhere in the world, or type in more than one address or location to get directions. Then, once you’ve found the address and/or directions you need, you can print them out and take …

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