MapQuest is like an online map site on which you can quickly and easily type in an address to find a location, anywhere in the world, or type in more than one address or location to get directions. Then, once you’ve found the address and/or directions you need, you can print them out and take them with you, all for free.

However, with useful map- and directions-based websites such as MapQuest, you know longer have to rely on someone else’s verbal or handwritten directions, spending money on a physical map of the area, or your own foggy memory

Wondering how to go about using MapQuest? Here are some steps and tips for using this useful website:

Basic MapQuest Steps

Follow these basic steps to get started using MapQuest to help you locate addresses and/or find directions:

· Go online to the site. Alternatively, you can simply type in “mapquest” into your favorite search engine and click on the link in the search results.

· To locate an address, type in the address in the search box in the upper left-hand corner.

· Click the “Get Map” button, which will take you to the map of the location. Zoom in or out, as needed. You can choose to print the map, if you wish. “Print” is found in the top left-hand corner, above the address search box.

· To get directions, click on the link “Get Directions,” found underneath the search box.

· Type in the starting or origin address in the “A” field; type in the ending or destination address in the “B” field.

· Click on “Get Directions” after ensuring you have the correct starting and ending addresses. This will display the driving directions.

· Zoom in or out, as needed. You can choose to print the driving directions, if desired. Click on “Print,” which is found in the top left-hand corner, above the addresses you typed in.

Other Helpful MapQuest Tips

There is more you can do with MapQuest besides just following the basic steps to find and print out a location’s address or directions from Point A to Point B. Here are few more tips on using MapQuest and what else you can do with MapQuest:

· You don’t have to type in a specific address to use MapQuest; you can also enter businesses or public landmarks.

· Getting directions isn’t limited to just going from Point A to Point B. You have the option of adding additional stops in between. This is particularly useful for longer trips and road trips. Underneath the “B” button, you can click “Add Stop,” and “C” will show up. You can add as many stop points as you need until the trip is complete.

· MapQuest will display, below the addresses, the time (duration) of the trip as well as the distance in either miles or kilometers (see below for “Driving Options”).

· Click “Round Trip” (found beside “Add Stop”) to get round-trip directions and “Reverse” to get directions going back from the destination to the origin. “Driving Options” (found in the same section) lets you customize your directions (for example, choosing between miles and kilometers, and optimizing your route for shortest time or shortest distance).

· Below the “Print” button but above the “A” address button, you have the option of selecting either driving or walking directions (the car icon represents driving; the pedestrian icon, walking).

· Scroll down (on the left-hand side) to find a red pin. Beside the pin is the word “Save”-you can click on it to save the address or directions for future use..

Camping and floating in Missouri is made easy with helpful directions and faster routes using Mapquest. Make sure you arrive on time and with precise directions so your kids won’t constantly ask “Are we there yet?”

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